Topstar's Movie Manager: Last updated 17/03/2005

17/03/2005 With a slice of joy I am pleased to let you know that the development is sort of back on track. I've changed a bit of the original design. Now, all the database interaction goes via Hibernate, another great opensource project, wich creates an abstraction from the database, so that it will acually be possible to use any database you like with a minor change in configuration. It also greatly decreases the complexity of the code, so it will be quite easy for others to make adjustments for their own needs. Also for my ease of use, i will use MySQL for know instead of HSQLDb but that will probably change again later on. The project has kow been rebuild to a level equal in functionality of the previous build, but with a lot less bugs, and a more logic design.Not saying that it will be faster now, but development will at least be easier know ;-)

9/12/2004 Update: The release anounced earlier will be prosponed untill next week, sorry about that.

6/12/2004 Later this week a new Demo release will come online, this will be the first usable demo(create your own databases, import movies, select language, and with a bit of luck the imdb import working (simple)

18/11/2004 A First Demo build can now be found on the projects download page, please read the info, and don't be surprised it does jus plain nothing Logo
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